Site Under New Management

Site Under New Management!

by Lazaro Gonzalez

Hello followers of For Devs, By Devs! My name is Lazaro Gonzalez, and I will be the new main manager of the site. Recently, Nathan told me over at the Game Maker Community that I could manage the site after I replied to a post he made stating that he wanted someone else that’s trustworthy to run the site, as it was becoming a lot of work for him to keep managing. However, he will continue to have access to the site and will be able to post and manage things if he wants to.

I will be working closely with Nathan to keep the site up and running, and keep it fun and interesting!

I plan to post up several game making tutorials soon, and I will be collaborating with my friend, Sam Kennedy, to make game development posts. We will also be sharing videos from our gaming YouTube channel, SEGA.NET, which contains all kinds of game-related content, such as gameplay and development. You can also check out my personal channel, SONICYM2612, for video game music remakes/remixes and more.

We hope that we can count with your support, and that we may continue what Nathan started with this site, For Devs, By Devs!

Thanks for reading!


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