Jayenkai’s Mobile Sale Stats


Mobile sales are a tough market. Jayenkai would know, and he explains his sales and what he thinks they mean below.

SpikeDislike is definitely my best seller. It took off in ways I wasn’t expecting. The first game sold a TON over it’s first couple of months, enough to pay for a nice new double-glazed window in the living room.

It did very well, and I’m very proud of it.

I’m kind of annoyed that such a linear game with nothing but a bouncing ball and some rubbish pixel spikes is my best selling game, out of over 300 games.  That pile of garbage has somehow done the best..  But other than that, yes.. It did well, and in total it’s made me about £800, over the past couple of years.

But £600 of that was in the first couple of months.  It’s just kind of trickled bits and pieces ever since.

In addition to that, there’s all my other iOS games, which have also kind of tickled.  Maybe an initial day of about 10 sales, then barely 3 or 4 a week, if I’m lucky.

Sales are terrible, by anyone’s standards.  I might have made some fantastic games, but… It’s not all about making good games, is it? It’s also about marketing, and promotion, and getting the word out, and ..



Actual comparisons…

(I was going to be more specific, but iTunesConnect is currently down for “scheduled maintenance”… typical!)

SpikeDislike2 launched on Android and iOS. On iOS it’s sold around about 400 copies, and I’ve given away about 2,500 on Freebie Day. On Android it’s sold 36, total.


Hoppy Bobby is free on Android and iOS. On iOS it’s been downloaded about 1,500 times, of which GameCenter currently lists 295 players. On Android 902 people have downloaded it, and 296 currently have it installed. GooglePlay gives VERY precise stats!!  scary, even!

BlastTrax is on both Android and iOS. iOS version has so far sold about 160 copies, whereas Android has sold.. 38… That’s a bit of a difference!!!

What can you take away from this? To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. It seems that, for a free game at least, iOS and Android are on level footing. But as soon as you stick a price tag on your game, it’s the iOS crowd that seems more willing to give the games a go.

BlastTrax, especially, shows a HUGE preference to the iOS edition.  It’s still early days, and there’s lots of things that can change, but most of the press attention seems to be focusing on the iOS version, and that seems to be the one that’s “better”

Most importantly, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that, as much as I’d always assumed it was about “getting the reviews”…  That might not actually be the case!!! BlastTrax is getting OODLES of press attention, but the sales just aren’t happening. I’m not sure what that means, to be honest.

Maybe the game isn’t quite big enough for people to bother to play it, once they’ve seen it? Maybe there really isn’t a market for retro space shooters anymore? Perhaps a nice big update will help it!? Who knows… I’ll be experimenting over the next few weeks, and if anything seems to make a significant difference, I’ll let you know what it was!

At the end of the day, I’m content with the fact that over 100 people have played BlastTrax within just a week, and that they’ve paid for the privilege is even better!  I might not be “raking it in”, but .. hey, it cost me nothing to make it. I shouldn’t complain!!! In many ways, I can afford for this to be a failure, and I guess I’m in a unique position, indie-dev wise.

I’m not exactly making a living from this, though. Not unless I can somehow live off an average of £20 a month. It’s a hard world out there, and you need sheer luck to get noticed. 300 games in, and I’m not quite there, yet!

Maybe the next game?

About the author:

Jayenkai is an experienced mobile games dev, and an experienced one in general as he runs a site called AGameAWeek where he… makes a game a week and posts it. Check out that and his Twitter.


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