The Brainstorm

Below is Faissaloo’s unique way of coming up with a game concept.

The first part of making a game is always the one of the hardest parts, so here are some ways to come up with great game ideas.

1.) What do you like?

The first part is seeing what you like, get up to 3 games that are similar in some ways, for example: Gurk, Infinity Blade II and Pokémon… They are all action-RPGs. Of course, they don’t have to be the same genre.

2.) Flaws

There is no such thing as a perfect game so the next thing you do is look for the bad things about each game. You could achieve this by looking at customer reviews or asking your friends. Now you make sure to note down what not to have in your game.

3.) Mechanics

Find a few mechanics that you like from each game that you like, for example: Gurk has random ambushes, Infinity Blade has its magic mechanics and Pokémon has its fight presentation. Now you put these things together.

4.) Story

Next get a few words that you think sound funny, but could mean something completely random, for example…: chicken, kitchen, LOL. Now you look at how these things could be made to work with each other and look at what these words mean. A thesaurus is very useful for this to get alternatives if the first words you choose don’t work. So with these 3 words I have come up with: A chicken who works in a bakery but is fired for texting when he should be working and it now vows to get revenge on it’s boss.

5.) Tweaks

Now you need to find a way to fuse the mechanics and story so that you get something that works. We look at mechanics that would be more relevant to the story from what we have come up with. So instead of magic why not use what chickens can do…? Flap wings and make eggs. Now think of how these could be executed and used by the mechanics, so the eggs could each have magic powers and you would need to draw them to execute their action (incorporating Infinity Blade‘s mechanic). You could also have rival chicken chefs attack you every now and again, however, instead of the way Gurk handles this (randomly), it records where you have been and disables attacks there.

You have finished brainstorming and now you can create your game. Make sure your game is different from the games you have brainstormed with. You shouldn’t copy more than one feature from a game and even then you should heavily modify it to avoid making a clone of a game.

About the author:
Faissaloo is a GMC-user and owner of Faissaloo Games. He enjoys game developing and Minecraft. Aside from computers he enjoys going to his allotment in his spare time.

One thought on “The Brainstorm

  1. Howdy– you mention Gurk here. Could I ask– do you know what software program was used to do the artwork for that game ?? Characters && etc ??
    kind regards, mark-p.

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