Pixel Art Tips

Art is something many people struggle with, but I still encourage game devs to try it themselves. Hopefully the below tips will help.

Tip #1: HAVE FUN WITH IT! Don’t stress yourself with it. if you are not having fun, try to work on something you DO like to do. If the art you are making is not fun then try making it differently or something else entirely.

Tip #2: Be careful with symmetrical art! When making art that has both sides the same don’t make it all. Make half. Copy that half and flip it to whichever side you need it to.

Tip #3: Take it slow! I work fast but good pixel art takes TIME! It took me awhile to learn that. Pixel art is still art and art takes time so I recommend you slow down.

Tip #4: Make two copies of your art! I find I mess up a lot while color my artwork, so I recommend you make a black and white copy first so you can always reverse your mistakes.

Tip #5: Write a list of what you need! When making sprites write a list of the sprites you want FIRST. That way if you forget you can always check.

Tip #6: Don’t go overboard! Don’t strive for perfection! Perfection is impossible! Also, avoid using too many details unless truly necessary as you might spend ages on a single sprite.

Tip #7: Outlines without shading look awful! When you have an outline of just black and white, it WILL look awful, until you shade it and color it. Trust me, I have started over plenty of times until I learned this myself. It isn’t pretty.

Tip #8: Listen to some music! When making art, try listening to a music loop you like. It keeps you from getting bored. It also keeps you from looking up cute kitten videos on Youtube. Trust me, looking at cute kittens will throw your right off your work!

Tip #9: Practice, practice, practice! Draw, draw, draw. Try to practice your drawing skills at least a few times a week. Use it or lose it!

About the author:
Qtw is a mysterious fellow… the only thing known about him is the fact that he comes from the 001 forums and seems to be good at art. http://www.engine001.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=24205


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