Mechanical Hooks

When working on Travelogue, at some point I crossed a threshold where it became hard to come up with new ways to reward the player. The more items I created, the less space there was for interesting, distinctive item properties and effects. This all boils down to an idea I call ‘mechanical hooks’. A game…


Giveaway Winner Announced! Also, Facebook!

The winner of GM: Studio Standard Edition is Urban Hermit Games! They have been contacted. Thanks to everybody who entered! Hopefully there will be more giveaways in the future. By the way, the site now has a Facebook page, and we invite you to like it. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/pages/For-Devs-By-Devs/433570230093369


The Problem With Freedom

Freewill is a wonderful thing. And the ability to do what you want and to be in control is written into the definition of games themselves. If a game was not interactive it wouldn’t be a game, it would be a film, because you would have no control aside from the pause button on how…


The Brainstorm

Below is Faissaloo’s unique way of coming up with a game concept. The first part of making a game is always the one of the hardest parts, so here are some ways to come up with great game ideas. 1.) What do you like? The first part is seeing what you like, get up to…


New Ratings System

Today I have enabled a star-rating system above all posts. Starting in September, I will look for the best-rated posts (the ones with the highest ratings, and if there is a tie, the one with the most of these ratings, and if that is a tie, both will win) of each month and will announce it on the last of the…


Designing Random Numbers For Games

In this article I’ll go over some design considerations when using random numbers in games. I’ll go through some examples of common random number systems. I’ll end with an example of a design challenge I faced, and the algorithm I used to solve it. Fair warning – I will not be using the correct mathematical terminology for…